Aluminum Veneer

Advanced automatic production line II -- Aluminium veneer assembly line
Advanced automatic high pressure electrostatic spraying painting production line and complete shaping devices are introduced. Also Fluorine-carbon resin coating and German Henkel surface oretreatment technology are adopted. Exquisite process and high quality products exhibit the original designs of our decorating designers to improve the colorful construction landscape, which give a new definition to construction beauty.

Modern Production Equipment

Brief introduction of product

Main Product Introduction II - Aluminium Veneer Series

Widely used in modern construction of curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration and advertising signboard in construction decoration, such as hotels, hotels, office building, shopping malls, airport, gymnasiums and etc.

Corrosivity Resistance

The high fluorine content of surface fluorine-carbon spraying KYNAR500 resin can effectively resist the erosion of acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet ray erosion.

No Light Pollution

Because Fluoring-carbon coating is the subphotic surface ( the luster is about 35 ), which forms diffuse reflection, and it will not cause the light pollution.

Self Cleaning

Because the special molecular structure of KYNAR500 in Fluorine-carbon coating rests no dust on the surface at all, it tends to be clean.

Rich Colors

The colors of Fluorine-carbon coating are rich and there are several hundreds optional colors. Special colors could be created according to user's requirements.

Product Characteristics

The Aluminium panels produced by our company use 1100H24, 3003H24, 5005H24 single-layer Aluminium alloy board as baseplates, and the thickness varies from 1.0mm to 5.0mm. The metal panel consists of veneer, reinforcing rib and hanger. Thermal insulation mineral wool could be added on the back of the panel if required, and the hanger could be bent from veneer or be mounted on the veneer additionally.

Advantages of Aluminium Curtain Wallboard

Light, good rigidity and good strength.
Good abrasion resistance and good corrosivity resistance.
Easy to process and free to process plane arch, spherical face and other complex geometry.
Rich colors, good decorating effects.
Difficult to be stained and easy to clean and maintain.
Convenient and swift Installation and Construction.
Retractable, environment friendly

Applications of Aluminium Curtain Wallboard

Curtain wall
Post/beam, balcony, baffle and wrapping
Indoor Decoration
Advertising Signboard
Carriage and Furniture
Instrument Outer Cover and instrument Panel

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