PVC Free Foam Board

PVC foam board is made through foaming and pressing into shape with additives. The main material is PVC. It not only has features of wood plast, but also very light and can be printed and engraved easily. It is a green new product widely used in different field.


Thickness 1-20 mm,length is available
Colors: white, black,yellow, blue, green, red
Can customize special item according to requirement


1) water proof
2) Lightweight
3) Damp Proof
4) Heat preservation
5) Sound proof
6) shock absorption


1)Exhibition desks and shelves in supermarket
2) Advertisement boards and sign boards
3) Advertisement sheets for printing, engraving, cuttingand sawing
4) Architectural decorations and upholstery
5) Decoration for partition walls and shopwindows

Technical Date

PVC free foam board Testing Report

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