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Raw Material

Geely Aluminum Composite Panel purchase high quality raw materials from: 
PVDF coating of excellent weatherability: 
Aluminum alloy with high anti-rust: 
Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA,shanghai) High molecular adhesive film:
USA DuPont Company 
PE Core:
China Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Company Ltd. Fire resistant polyethylene (B1 grade;A1 grade); 
Low density polyethylene(LDPE)- top Grade black polyethylene(recycled);

Aesthetics- Breathing beauty in to buildings

Geely ACP’s array of colours and finishes combines with the inherent capability of forming into different shapes and contours with durablity and weather resistance makes Geely an architect’s first choice.

Economical option

Light weight,extreme rigidity and flatness resulting in an economical option for high quality building facades and interior decoration.

Ease in processing

Can be cut,routed and formed with conventional wood working tools,Angle bends are easily formed by routing the back of panel prior to shaping;can also be easily rolled over a pyramid to a curved shape for curved corners or column covers

Superior durability

New generation technology of mechanical and chemical bonding provides Geely ACP an exceptional bond integrity. With KYNAR 500 PVDF coating from P.P.G.(USA), geely ACP can maintain its unique colour for 20 years

Excellent weather proof

With superior surface treament for weather resistance,UV resistance and corrosion resistance,can be used within -30℃~+85℃ in all kinds of climate conditions.

Excellent thermal comfort

Polyethylene,being one of the best insulating material,does not allow heat to penetrate into the building.mirror like finish of ACP reflects a large proprotion of solar radiations falling on the building,thereby restricting the heat gain inside the building.

Enhanced sound dampening

Geely ACP being multi-layer product effectively ensures acoustic insulation performance.The polyethylene inerlayer possesses augmented sound dampening properies.

Protecting the environment

Geely ACP reduces air conditioning/heating losses which helps in energy conservation. Thus less consumption of energy reduces the level of carbon dioxide emissions,consequently contributing to the protection of environment

Least maintenance

KYNAR 500 PVDF coating on Geely ACP is a long term maintenance free finish.under normal exposure and use,it is self-cleaning through rain washing. Water flush or power washing with a mild detergent is adequate to remove even heavy soils.

Promises on quality

Exterior aluminum composite panel produced according to GB/T17748-1999, PVDF coating, used under general weather conditions, 10~15 years quality guarantee are awarded. Except the physical characteristics of normal aluminum composite panel, Fireproof aluminum composite panel is still featured with excellent fire resistance and can be rated in B1 or much better than B1 stipulated in QB8624. (Specific contents of guarantee are subject to the test report for each lot of products and/or quality guarantee.)

General properties of Geely ACP

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