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Spectra Finish Aluminum Composite Panel
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Spectra Finish Aluminum Composite Panel

Product Description

Spectra aluminum composite panel are named as its changing color illusion and the surface of the panels can present a variety of pleasing colors following the change of the light and perspective. The spectra patterns series was through special processing, take the national cultural into interior decoration, and blend into harmonious ...

Spectra colors coating, add pearl talc into PVDF paint(>70% PVDF), depending upon the pigment type and viewing angle, different wavelengths of light are reflected, refracted and diffracted to the audience resulting in an ever-changing color gradient with iridescent highlights. It is widely used for public internal and external, multiply shops, exhibitions etc.



1.The printed panel grain is more clear and realistic;

2.Various grain, and can provide customized colors and specifications according to customers' needs;

3.The use of roller coating line production, higher efficiency, more stable quality.



Technology Request

Color Aberration

ΔE≤1,if in one group ΔE≤0.6

Pencil Hardness


Coating Luster Deflection


Coating Flexibility/T


Coating Adhesion


Impact Resistance/


Coating Abrasive Resistance/L/um


Coating Hydrochloric Acid Resistance

No change;5% HCl,24H

Coating Alkali Resistance

No bulge;ΔE≤25%NAOH,24H

Coating Oil Resistance

No change;20# machine oil,24H

Coating Nitric Acid Resistance

No bulge;ΔE≤5% powder,GB/T17748,2008 Test

Coating Solvent Resistance

No bottle face appear,NEK 100 times

Coating Mist Resistance

No less than 1 grade.GB/T1771 request test

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