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Stainless Steel wall cladding Composite Panel
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Stainless Steel wall cladding Composite Panel

Product Description

Stainless steel composite panel comprised of two sheets of 0.3mm thin stainless steel sandwiching a solid core of extruded thermoplastic material formed in a continuous process using no glues or adhesives between dissimilar materials,overall thickness 4-6mm.


Stainless steel composite panel has the excellent flatness derived from the continuous laminating process.As one of the attributes of composite panels, stainless steel composite panel is rigid and lightweight. 4mm SSCP is equivalent to about 3mm thick stainless steel in rigidity, and reduces the weight by half. The best feature is easy processing, so widely used for in building exterior, the surface effect is much modern and beauty.


Stainless steel composite panel is a new high-grade building decorative material. It perfectly retains the shiny surface, high rigidity,wear resistance and corrosion resistance of stainless steel. It is excellent in mechanical properties, duarble and suitable for all kinds of complex surroundings. It is best choice for the cladding at building, provides designer original idea.


Raw Material 

Top Skin: Stainless Steel SUS304

Core Material: LDPE, FR, HFR, A2

Bottom Skin: Stainless Steel SUS304

Surface Finish: Dull, BA, Mirror, Hairline



Panel Thickness


3, 5, 6

Stainless-steel Alloy



Stainless-steel Thickness


0.2, 0.4

Panel Width


1200, 1500

Panel Length

2440, 3200

Up to 5000

Key Advantages:

• Excellent flatness and rigidity

• Panels with large dimensions

• Strong dimensional stability,

• Solutions for complex shapes

• The modern style of Stainless Steel

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