Stainless Steel Composite Panel

Stainless steel composite panel is a kind of sandwich composite materials, taking stainless steel as its face plate and Stainless steel or Aluminium alloy as its rear panel, laminated with high-pressure low density polythene (LDPE) as core material. Stainless composite panel not only has many advantages, such as galvanized steel corrosion resistance, free paint and good mechanics performance, but also overcomes some disadvantages, such as uneven effects, high cost and heavy weight. Stainless steel ACP is the best choice for construction curtain wall, interior and exterior decoration, traffic tools, furniture, kitchen and toilet room, signboard, booth and etc..


Total thickness of panel: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

Width: Top skin 0.10mm- Width 1100mm, Top skin 0.30mm- Width 1100mm,

Top skin 0.30mm, Double mirror-Width1220mm, Top skin 0.30mm

Single mirror- Width 1100mm

Length: 3660mm

Standard surface: mill finish, mirror.


1. No paint of surface, with stainless steel sense.

2. Corrosion resistance.

3. Strong flexural rigidity, light weight.

4. Bright vision, different grades of surface gloss are available according to the application environment and your likings.

5. Easy and convenient to process.

6. Stainless steel, Aluminum and plastic can be recyclable.Good for environmental protection.

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