Titanium Zinc Composite Panel

Titanium Zinc Composite Panel is a kind of new High-Grade construction materials, taking Titanium Zinc Plate as its face plate, Aluminum as rear plate and High-Pressure Low Density Polythene (LDPE) as core materials. It combines Zinc Plate characteristics (metallic feeling, self-healing, long life and good plasticity, etc.) with the advantages of smooth good, high flexural resistance. It is the combination of classical art and modern technology.

In early days, the Titanium Zinc Composite Panel looks natural new blue grey from far view, but a simple natural metal near. As time passed, the surface of Titanium Zinc Composite Panel will gradually form a layer of dense hard carbonate zinc corrosion, preventing the panel from further corrosion. Even if some scratch and flaw occurs, it will disappear completely in this evolution process. It is the ideal decorative materials for buildings that need a strong natural feeling, especially suitable for buildings full of natural and historical atmosphere, adding distinctive glamour to the modern and classical architecture. With good strength and rigidity, the panel can resist strong wind and other severe weather. Owing to the good plasticity and easy processing installation, it is helpful for 3D modeling and can adapt to various layout requirements. This kind of panel satisfies the designers' rich imagination and creative inspiration.

Product feather

1. Long life. The surface of Titanium Zinc Alloy naturally forms a layer of dense oxide layer (Carbonate Zinc Salt), preventing the panel from further corrosion.
It can be to 100 years, even in some poor atmospheric conditions.
2. The surface of panel doesn’t need to paint or other Anti-Corrosive treatment and have metal feeling.
3. Panel has self-repairness function. It can automatic healing without trace after scratching.
4. High rigidity, hard to bend deformation.
5. Light panel surface, good decorative effect.
6. Certain sound insulation, heat insulation, energy-saving function.
7. The color of panel can be painted to metal color, blue gray, black gray, aerugo, etc.
8. Easy forming process. It can process and install at the same time to short the total project time.
9. Environmental coordination. Low reflectivity. No light pollution. 100% reuse.


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